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Image Consulting Specialties

Image Consulting Specialties

Hair Style & Color

It’s difficult to pick a hair style and color that is flattering to your face, hair type, and skin tone. It’s easy to fall in love the latest style or one that looks good on a friend but won’t look good on you. When you work with us, we explain what looks will flatter your face and work with your hair type.


Are you trying to get a new job?

Are you playing the dating game again?

Have you had recently gained or lost weight?

If you can relate to any of these situations, it’s time to update your wardrobe. While we can work with you on a total wardrobe makeover, many of our clients just need to evaluate what they’ve got and add a few pieces to their existing wardrobe.

Color Analysis

Just knowing what colors work for your skin tone makes the difference between looking old and tired or looking great. When you know what colors work for you, you can stop wasting money and start looking your best. We will also work with you to evaluate your goals and determine what colors you should wear for work, play and social life.

Skin Care & Makeup

Whether it is skin care products or makeup, it’s easy to waste hundreds of dollars every year on products that aren’t right for you. We will explain what type of skin you have and what products you need to keep it looking fresh and healthy. We will show you what accentuates your features instead of making you look dated or older.

Diet & Nutrition

Paying attention to what you put into your body, the foods you eat and the supplements you take have a huge impact on your energy level as well as your weight. We’ll work with you to show you how to shop smarter and how to adapt recipes for your dietary needs.

Communication Skills

Whether you are looking for a new job, trying to get a promotion or creating a new social life, it’s important to know how you come across to people. Your words may say one thing while your body language says something else. We will work with you to point out where your words and body language may be incongruent and will show you how to bring them into alignment so you can reach your goals.

Media Coaching

Do you need to represent yourself or your organization in the media? How you come across on camera or on the radio can be very different than how you come cross in person. We will work with you to show you how you come across on camera and what you can do to make the right impression.


Media Coaching:

Evaluation of client’s performance

Pointers for gestures

Practice interview sessions

Voice/Conversation Consultation

Evaluation and discussion of quality of voice

Grammar and vocabulary review

Conversation consultation

Etiquette: Business Communication and Etiquette: Phone, Messages, emails

Business Functions Etiquette, Dining Rules of Etiquette